IP Creates Business!

Commercial Advice Regarding IP-protection!

We perform mapping and analyses of your needs for IP-protection, based on
· your own ideas
· your competitors’ corresponding products or the like
· your competitors’ corresponding IP-protection, if any
· alternative solutions to your ideas

Your needs for IP:
· Patent protection?
· Trademark protection?
· Design protection?

We have the answer!

Adapted IP-strategies

Who would use strategies for chess when playing a game of poker?

Having experience not only from patent agencies, but also from patent offices and patent departments of the industry, we have solid experience of IP-strategies. We are able to provide you with tailored strategies for your company in each stage of the development process! We also help you to evaluate what kind of IP patent protection would be the best for you.

At your Service

We offer professional aids to be used for active or passive innovation scouting in your company, i.e. to gather new ideas.

We offer annual status reports of your IP-portfolio, to be used as basis for commercial decisions.

We help you to create cooperation between the Marketing Department and R&D for capitalizing your IP-portfolio in an optimal manner.

Create IP-awareness

We can help your company to
· increase the IP-awareness within your company, not only within the R&D department!
· inter-connect the competences inside your company!
· create understanding for the fact that IP-investment indeed generates income!
· to create routines for gathering of ideas!

Optimize your Investment by Choosing Geographic Market!

Disregarding whether
our client is too small for global marketing
if our client is large enough for global marketing
– we have the solutions!

What About the Activities of Your Competitors?

Who monitors the activities of your competitors?
We help you to choose the positions to be responsible for such monitoring, and how it should be performed.

Joint Ventures

We help you to take the most of your IP-rights
· before the cooperation with other companies starts
· during the cooperation
· after the end of the joint venture.