Whatever questions you have regarding patents and other IP-related matter we are able to give advice, such as

- tailored combination of patent applications and utility models in most industrialised countries for successfully dealing with a possible infringement by a competitor in your future granted patent.

- tailored combination of patent applications and utility models as preparation for a temporary injunction when the utility model has been registered.

- tailored combination of Third Party Observations, Oppositions and Re-examinations in most industrialised countries for clearing the way for your product in countries where a competitor has a later filed patent application or a granted patent.

- development of your future or existing IP portfolio

 Of course, we are also able to help you with standard strategies, like

- choosing a suitable route for applying for a patent on your invention, all around the world.

- choosing a combination of protection for your invention or product range, such as trademark, design, utility model and/or patent.